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T.R.U. 14K Gold-Dipped Sitting Budda on Vintage Chain Necklace 32 In


Product type: Necklace

Vendor: TRU



Stunning Bohemian chic at its best! Enjoy new happiness with our "Sitting Buddha" metal is cast in a pewter tone with a matte gold Buddha at the center to match the thick vintage link chain with tiger's eye accents. This pendant necklace is a favorite amongst the boho chic, artistic, spiritual like-minded fashionistas. Let your free spirit fly with this bohemian tiger's eye necklace. Tiger's eye is said to encourage us to move forward in life and find positive solutions to our problems. A style that adds vintage elegance to any leisure day outfit can also be worn for your formal special events. It's a perfect way to express your creativity and it's a great addition to accessorize your wardrobe. It will inspire you to immerse yourself in subtle adventure. It makes an ideal and affordable gift for her.
Length: 32
Width: 1.5
Measurements:Chain Measures: 32"L x 1.5"W x 1.5"H

T.R.U. Jewelry Collection

Inspired by globetrotters and adventure seekers, T.R.U. blends rich cultures and vintage trinkets to dress the bohemian fashionista. Crafted by hand in California using only semi-precious and Swarovski stones, aged suede and leather, gold wiring and tumbled metals, T.R.U.® is a one of a kind collection. Explore the deep treasures of the world with T.R.U.®