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Company History

 Since 1968, Jewelry Factory LA has been manufacturing high quality fashion jewelry and accessories for designer brands and department stores all over the world. Our skilled team of artisans are heavily involved in the process to ensure a product that meets high standards. We take pride in our capability as a 100% vertical company from start to finish which includes prototyping, designing, model-making, sampling, casting, plating, gluing, enameling, production, assembly, fulfillment, packaging and shipping.


Our Clients:

Our clients include companies in the fashion, interior design, jewelry, military, film and music industries. We also provide a full range of expert plating services for scientists, R&D groups, architectural designers, inventors and academic institutions.


Quality Control & Safety Standards:

We are experts when it comes to issues of quality control and ensuring safety standards. Direct on-site supervision from our chemists and quality control manager allows us to make certain that all products leaving our facility are in compliance with the latest federal and EPA regulations.



♦ All-in-one-roof manufacturer
♦ 100% vertical company from start to finish: prototype, design, model-making, sampling, casting, plating, gluing, enameling, production, assembly, fulfillment, packaging, shipping
♦ Factory is over 65,000 square feet
♦ Direct access to extensive raw materials
♦ Over 35,000 original castings
♦ Over 15,000+ different beads & stones
♦ Over 1,500 chains
♦ Private label capabilities



Product Development:

 We have a talented design staff of model makers, jewelry designers and sample makers to help bring your product to life.  We can Sketch, 3D design, Hand Carve, 3D scan/render most designs in house in our vertical manufacturing facility. Our vast physical and digital library has hundreds of thousands of combinations of components and designs to choose from.





1928 corporate gifts design

35,000 Different Components Available in Stock


1928 model designs library

Extensive Resources:

We have over $5 million in raw materials at our fingertips to create endless options for your next jewelry collection including 1,500 chains, 10,000 findings, 35,000 castings, 15,000+ different beads and stones.We start with a meeting to interpert and collaborate with our clients through the design process. This can include reviewing and cultivating ideas from our over 35,000 base model designs library created by our in house designers throughout the companies 46 year history.






 With a factory plant over 65,000 square feet, we have an endless number of resources to customize your design and production needs. If you just need casting, assembly or plating or all at once, we can provide the manufacturing to best fit your project.




1928 jeweler works on mizpah model


After the customers original concepts are appoved and finalized by the client, we start the manufacturing process of making the version 1 model in the model making design and concept manufacturing department. Once the final design is apporoved, this custom model with be used to make molds will become the master model sample for the unique design and all production going forward.


Casting & Plating Facility on Site:


While most jewelry manufacturers have to outsource their casting and plating all of our manufacturing capabilities are under one roof and your product design is always protected. We are able to provide the best quality control at every step in the manufacturing process thanks to this integrated system.


1928 plating production


Quality & Detail:


 From start to finish, we take care of your custom design needs with the same care and attention to detail as one of our own designs at an affordable cost.


 1928 assembly production


Experience how 1928 has a complete concept to finished product department for quantities of custom Corporate Gifting with company logos and branding. 

Our Corporate gift Division is similar to our private label division with an even more specific twist on making the perfect product for Corporations.Providing corporate gifts and promotional products with imprinted logos will create that impressionable lasting image. Our corporate gifts can be both branded and personalized with your company logo or business service mark etc. We will strive to create the perfect classy executive gift for business clientele, business associates or for a classy gift for recognizing your employees.


We work with you to deisgn and acheive the perfect corporate gift award to represent your company's marketing strategy and employee/client appreciation. With hundreds of thousands of combinations of designs and material components, our designers and product managers can create the perfect unique gift item just for you.


Please contact us for more information:


For order inquiries or delivery information please email us at accessoryplating@1928.com

You may also call Christina at 818-841-1928 ext 1195, Monday through Friday, 7 AM to 4 PM PST.



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