Swarovski Round Crystal Necklace 16 Inch Adjustable

1928 Jewelry Silver Tone Swarovski Round Crystal Necklace 16 Inch Adjustable


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Sophistication at its finest. This round crystal open back necklace features 3 large crystals with 21 smaller crystals. Add glamour and flair to your look with this over 40 years old vintage Swarovski crystals, limited edition, one of a kind designer piece of jewelry!

Length: 16" Adj.

Made In USA


For over 120 years, Swarovski has designed and innovated the world's most premier jewelry and accessory brand. For a third of those years, we've kept in our vaults one of a kind vintage Swarovski elements jewelry pieces. From our Vintage Swarovski Elements Necklaces and Vintage Swarovski Elements Crystal Earrings to our old Swarovski elements Brooches, Pins and Bracelets, each piece is unique, rare and over 40 years old.