Antiquities Couture Heirloom Two Tone Vinaigrette Pendant Locket Necklace 32"

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A Victorian Inspired Essential Oil Diffuser for Todays Woman

A 17th Century woman just discovers a dishonorable event, falls to her side and reaches for her vinaigrette necklace as she fans herself wildly in disillusion. A typical scene in Victorian era was not just an emotional exaggeration but having your vinaigrette at your side was believed to be a valuable tool to help restore emotions back to a sensible state. Vinaigrette has nothing to do with salad dressing, but it does have something to do with vinegar. Commonly used as reviving vapors for someone that has fainted or to mask unpleasant odor. A Reviving sponge would be soaked in either vinegar or essential oil and many believed the scent could also prevent disease. Designed as a miniature container it was held under the nose to reveal a more pleasant aroma. Today personal hygiene is elevated, but prior to the invention of soap and the social pressures of cleanliness, the vinaigrette served its purpose well.

We offer this timeless piece as a testament of the ingenuity of the Victorian era that still holds value today. We may not need it for fainting, or to mask the odor as you walk the manure rich streets of yesteryear. But essential oils still hold value for our daily lives, to promote relaxation, relieve stress and to invigorate the mind. Put a few drops of your favorite essential oil on a piece of cotton then place inside the locket to invigorate your day.

This Parisian-inspired long locket necklace features an ornate pewter-toned accent above a gold-toned pendant. This gorgeous piece is an exact replica of those found in 18th century France.
  • Set in two-tone metal
  • Approx. length: 32"L
  • Pendant drop: 2.75"H
  • Closure: Lobster clasp
  • Special Packaging: Antiquities Couture Pouch

Antiquities Couture Jewelry Collection
The Antiquities Couture® Collection is a distinctive vintage couture inspired jewelry line created to pay homage to the exquisite design styles of the Renaissance, Victorian and Grecian eras. The collection features finely crafted pendant necklaces, brooches, earrings and bracelets in gold and silver tones with pearls and semi-precious stones.

  • "The 1928 Jewelry Company is inspired by the Roaring 20s, Victorian, Edwardian, and Art Deco designs. Each piece embodies the opulence, romance, grace, and boldness of these historical periods, showcasing intricate detailing and sparkling gemstones."

    Mel Bernie

    Founder and Visionary

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