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1928 Jewelry Round Gemstone Gold Hoop Earrings
Gold Tone And PurpleGold Tone And BlueGold Tone And White
1928 Jewelry Oval Semi Precious Gemstone Drop Earrings
Silver Tone and WhiteSilver Tone and GreenSilver Tone and NeutralSilver Tone and PinkSilver Tone and BlueSilver Tone and RedSilver Tone and BrownGreen+ 5 more
1928 Jewelry Pewter Gemstone Oval Hoop Earrings
Pewter and PinkPewter and GreenPewter and WhitePewter and BluePewter and Brown+ 2 more
1928 Jewelry Deco Oval Gemstone Magnifying Glass Pendant Necklace 30" - Magnification Power: 2X
Gold Tone and PinkGold Tone and GreenSilver Tone and WhiteSilver Tone and Blue+ 1 more
1928 Jewelry Gemstone Spring Hinge Bracelet
Silver Tone and Rose QuartzSilver Tone and TurquoiseSilver Tone and JadeSilver Tone and Green AventurineSilver Tone and MalachiteSilver Tone and Marble JadeSilver Tone and Dark JadeSilver Tone and Blue LaceSilver Tone and Lavender QuartzSilver Tone and RiverstoneSilver Tone and White QuartzSilver Tone and White HowliteSilver Tone and Tigers EyeSilver Tone and CarnelianSilver Tone and Brown ObsidianSilver Tone and HematiteSilver Tone and Black Onyx+ 14 more
1928 Jewelry 14K Gold Dipped Gemstone Spring Hinge Bracelet
Gold Tone and Rose QuartzGold Tone and Green OnyxGold Tone and TurquoiseGold Tone and Green AventurineGold Tone and MalachiteGold Tone and Marble JadeGold Tone and JadeGold Tone and Dark JadeGold Tone and Blue LaceGold Tone and Lavender QuartzGold Tone and RiverstoneGold Tone and White QuartzGold Tone and White HowliteGold Tone and Tigers EyeGold Tone and CarnelianGold Tone and Brown ObsidianGold Tone and HematiteGold Tone and Black Onyx+ 15 more
1928 Jewelry Ancienne Gemstone Hoop Earrings
Pewter and PinkPewter and WhitePewter and BrownPewter and Neutral+ 1 more
T.R.U. Antiqued Genuine Green Aventurine Post Earrings
Pewter and GreenPewter and PurplePewter and White