Is 1928 Jewelry Worth Anything

Whether you’re a thrift store owner asking “is 1928 Jewelry is worth anything?”, a daughter or granddaughter who recently inherited jewelry and happened to find some of our pieces in the mix or a longtime loyal customer simply looking to sell some of your vintage 1928 jewelry, this article is designed to give you a better understanding of what the value of your jewelry may be.

is 1928 jewelry worth anything

Being known for creating some of the most trendy, chic and vintage style jewelry over the last 50 years has given our company the time to leave an impression on families from generation to generation. From brides wearing our wedding necklaces for their special events in the 70’s to women rocking our sparkly earrings and bracelets in the 80’s, we’ve seen true 1928 fans have kept their jewelry pieces for decades, and some have sent us question throughout the years wanting to see what the value of their jewelry might be.

The Curiosity

When customers first start to get curious of what the value of our vintage products might be, it usually starts with the questions, “what does 1928 mean on jewelry and what Is 1928 Jewelry made of?” For decades, our fashion jewelry pieces have been given a special 1928 logo tag to give a final touch to our magnificently designed pieces. The name 1928 was chosen for the jewelry company when the creator of the company Mr. Mel Bernie decided he would name it so when he saw a magazine article that referred to 1928 as “the year of opulence.”

 what does 1928 mean on jewelry

On the tag or and in any other place of our jewelry, you will see you cannot locate a 10k, 14k or any other type of marking on it, aside from the logo marking.  Although our jewelry has the appearance of solid gold, sterling silver or platinum and many other precious stones and metals, most materials created in costume jewelry contain base metals, brass, copper, simulated stones, and crystals. For that extra touch of glam, our gold-colored American Made jewelry products are dipped in 14k gold.


When customers send us messages asking if we could appraise a piece of jewelry they bought from us years ago because they are looking to resell, or when family members stumble upon their mothers or grandmothers personal belongings and find our pieces in there and curious of the value, we let our customers that unfortunately, we do not appraise jewelry. Your best bet to get an idea of what the price might be for what you’ve got is finding a style similar on our website. Assuming the tags are still attached, and the product is in mint condition, you can most likely sell your item at a price similar to the one on the site.

The True Value 

When speaking to customers about their treasured jewelry pieces, most think twice about selling or wearing items passed down or inherited by them because at the end of the day, the sentimental value always outweighs the true price of any product. So if you're looking for a similar style of jewelry piece to wear that is similar to a old fashion style you have, check us out 

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