Spread the joy & laughter this Easter Season! Our 1928 collection features exclusive finds for your holiday hunt. We’re excited to share with you some of our “Symbols Of Faith” 14k gold dipped beautiful hand selected items just for you. Shop for give away ideas as precious gift items to your loved ones, or simply treat yourself because, why not right? Here are some of popular gift items we’d like to share with you!!

Gold-toned religious jewelry featuring crosses and angels

Know of any bookworms? Going to school, or have a 9am-5pm office gig? Well how does having a favorite 14k gold pen, or bookmark sound? Sign most important documents with your new lucky pen! Save your recent book page with an extra special dazzled bookmark your friends are all going to wish they had one.

How about other everyday items you can add extra sparkle and spunk? Perhaps adding some gold to your set of dull keys you’ve been wanting to decorate for some time. We’ve got you covered! 

Dress to impress? 14k gold tie clips or cufflinks make great gift give aways or accessories to add some extra statement wear to your wardrobe. 

Enjoy shopping these trending collection items. Happy hunting!     

Elegant glass egg-shaped pendants on gold chains each with unique gemstones in various colors


April 19, 2019

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