The historical drama Downton Abbey is back! With the Downton Abbey Movie release date set September 20, 2019 in the US, fans of the Crawley family are prepping to watch the royal visit to Downton Abbey by King George V and Queen Mary. Some fans have already bought their tickets in advance and ultimate fans have bought their 1900's inspired costumes and Downton Abbey Jewelry to be in character as they watch their favorite show on the big screen. If you're a fan who loves to share information about the show that most people don't know, we've created a list of facts just for you! Enjoy.

10. The Real Owners Of Downton Abbey

While filming nowadays is mostly done in movie studio lots, Downton Abbey (for most of the filming) isn’t. Filming is done at a beautiful 5,000-acre estate in Hampshire, England called Highclere Castle. This Victorian-era English Manor is owned by George Herbert and his wife Fiona, the eighth Earl and Countess of Carnarvon.

9. The Ritz Kicks Out Cast And Crew Quickly

In any type of show, especially one that has gone on for years, cast and crews develop a tight knit family style relationship. When they all know the shows coming to an end, shooting last scenes can be emotional. One recurring location during the series was filmed at the Ritz Hotel in London. When Downton Abbey was filming their last scenes there, The Ritz seemed to have had enough and tried to kick them out as soon as possible. While we don’t know exactly as to why, we can only assume they probably had a more important party they wanted to book at their location, rather than letting Downton Abbeys cast and crew end on a high note.

8. Downton Abbey Inspired By American Shows!?

While this might seem something out of left field, surprisingly it’s true! In Rebbeca Eaton’s memoir, Series creator Julian Fellowes says, in regards to the shows structure that she was constantly thinking in terms of American structures like E.R., Chicago Hope and Thirtysomething, with all those stories going at once.

7. Prince William Is A Fan Of The Show

Back in 2013, Allen Leech, the actor who plays Tom Branson in the hit series Downton Abbey, had the chance to meet Prince William at an event. As Allen shook his hand the Prince said, “I’m a big fan of the show, only now that my wife’s had a baby.” How awesome is that, the Prince and Princess really watch Downton Abbey!

6. Real Ghosts At The Highclere Castle?

Not only do the property owners think spirits and ghost live all over the Highclere Castle property, but so does famous New Age believer and cast member, Shirley Maclaine. Shirley, who plays Martha Levinson in Downton Abbey said, “The energy of the castle, grounds, its past and the hauntings was inspiring. I am very much into that stuff.” She also mentioned that a possible source of the supernatural energy that comes from the castles stems from the time King Tut artifacts were once stored at the castle’s bowels.

5. Not Everything Was Filmed On Location

While the majority of filming was done on location at Highclere Castle, the servant quarters and attic bedrooms were not because those areas had been modernized. The Victorian style rooms where filmed at Ealing Studios In London, located approximately 60 miles from the castle.

4. Props Purchased On Ebay

Sometimes, production companies have the ability to use most any prop imaginable due to their big props departments and ability to custom make some. Now, when production designer Donal Woods needed an electric mixer for Mrs. Patmores kitchen and he couldn’t find or get what he was looking for, he went to Ebay! During an interview with Buzzfeed, he described how easy it was to purchase one and how one can find things all over the world.

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3. Downton Abbey In The Guinness Book Of World Records

Aside from their many Golden Globe And Emmy Awards, in 2010, Downton Abbey was awarded “Highest Critical Review Ratings For A TV Show” by the Guinness Book Of World Records, beating Mad Men, Modern Family and Son Of Anarchy at that time. Gareth Neame, the shows Executive producer said, “It is significant that this is the first time a British TV show has been so highly received around the world, confirming the UK’s status as the home of world-class drama.”

World Guinness Record Logo

2. Authentic Furniture Belonging To Napoleon Used

If you’re an avid viewer of Downton Abbey, you might be familiar with some of the props use in the show, such as a bicycle used by Matthew Crawley in season 1 episode 3 or Lord Grantham's 1911 Renault 12/16hp Landaulette used in season 1 episode 6. One of the most important works in the Downton Abbey Series that really isn't a prop, is a mahogany writing desk and chair once belonging to Napoleon Bonaparte, which was obtained by the 2nd Earl Of Carnarvon sometime between 1814-1815 and can be seen in the music room.

1. Downton Abbey Costume Design Team Joins Forces With 1928 Jewelry

While getting Downton Abbey Jewelry replicas from the show is nearly impossible, the Downton Abbey costume design team in the UK joined forces with one of the biggest fashion jewelry manufactures in the US to create a jewlery collection that transforms the inspiration of the critically acclaimed and multiple award winning drama, into a contemporary luxury jewelry brand.

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