Gold-Tone Light Topaz Color Crystal and Bead Coil Bracelet


Product type: Bracelet

Vendor: 2028 Jewelry

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Exquisite bracelet. Dress your wrist in luxury with wrap-around coil bracelet. Light topaz color beads, and rich gold tones make this bracelet a true subtle statement! It's sure to be your go-to bracelet of the occasion. The gold tone bracelet is ideal for a wedding or simply wear it to ramp up your leisure style! This stunning cuff bracelet make an ideal gift. It’s perfect a friend or loved one.
Length: 35.5"
Width: 0.94"
Measurements:Chain Measures: 35.5"L x 0.94"W
DiameterBracelets, hoops, necklacesL / 3.14159265: 2.25