Horses & Horseshoe Hair Barrette
Made In America
Horses & Horseshoe Hair Barrette
Made In America
1928 Jewelry

1928 Jewelry Horses & Horseshoe Hair Barrette


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The perfect gift for the equestrian in your life! This silver tone hair barrette features two horse heads surrounded by a silver horse shoe and made in USA!

Measurements: 1.56"L x 1.88"W

Made In USA


For the equestrian in all of us, this unique collection celebrates one's love of horses, the equestrian arts, and the sport of riding. The power of the horse has been around for the ages, sometimes mythical but more often magical. From horse pendant necklaces and earrings to our hair accessory and keychain, each item shows our devotion to the celebration of this magnificent animal. Whether you are a rider or just appreciate the art of riding, we have something for your personal statement in our Equestrian Jewelry Collection. Trot on over!