Downton Abbey Jewellery

The Downton Abbey® Jewelry Collection


This Downton Abbey® Jewelry Collection will transport you back into early 1900s Yorkshire country elegance. Inspired by the Edwardian and Art Deco jewelry worn during the period of the popular series, this exclusive Downton Abbey® collection was created in collaboration with 1928's designers and the show's costume design team in England through an exclusive licensing agreement. Downton Abbey®, the critically acclaimed and multiple award-winning drama series, has become a worldwide phenomenon. The series is visually spectacular, with sumptuous costumes, jewelry, cinematography, and set design depicting the grandeur and elegance of its time. As the world's largest vintage style fashion jewelry manufacturer, the 1928 Jewelry® Company is pleased to offer an exclusive jewelry collection that transforms the inspiration of Downton Abbey® into a contemporary luxury jewelry brand.

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