Silver Tone Crystal Ab Rich Cut And Rhinestone Coil Bracelet

2028 Jewelry Silver-Tone Crystal Ab Rich Cut And Rhinestone Coil Bracelet


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Timeless luxury. Dress your wrist in luxury with this crystal beads wrap-around bracelet. It's sure to be your go-to bracelet of the season. This bracelet is ideal for a wedding or simply wear it to ramp up your leisure style! This exquisite cuff bracelet make an ideal gift. It's perfect a friend or loved one.

Available in:

  • Clear Crystal
  • Light Yellow Topaz Color

Length: 35.5
Width: 0.94
Measurements: 35"L x 0.94" W
Diameter Bracelets, hoops, necklacesL / 3.14159265: 2.25

2028 Jewelry Collection

2028 Jewelry features more fashion forward design choices comprised of premium components. The collection is enhanced with noticeable statement pieces that respect vintage aesthetics, while integrating them into a more refined fashion jewelry collection that fits with the modern woman. Combining feminine charm with modern fashion, the 2028 woman looks for quality and individual style at an exceptional value.

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